Haris Vassiliou

Success Story

Haris started to research about RA after he graduated as an Agronomist, because he wanted to produce more environmentally friendly products and was looking for a more interesting way to cultivate besides just using fertilizers and chemical input. His vision is that his farm looks like a forest with tall and productive trees, each season having its own fruits and vegetables, and being able to wander around and pick up something to eat on the spot. He took part in the Regenerative Farming Greece project (http://regenerativefarminggreece.org/) and his pomegranates farm is a pilot farm, receiving support from experts in terms of the design of the farm and RA practices. He believes in the effectiveness of the RA approach and is really looking forward to the results.

Labels: Greece, vegetables/fruits, green fertilisation, wood shredder



Location of farm

Greece, Region of Lakonia, near Sparta

Name of the farmer

Vassiliou Anargyros — Charalambos (Haris)

Size of farm

4.8 ha

Permanent staff


Main products of farm

Pomegranate, olive oil, wormwood, sage, mint, oregano, timber, figs, peaches, vanillas, gooseberries


Farmland cultivated with RA practices

1.5 ha

Crops produced with RA practices

Pomegranates, olive oil, wormwood, sage, mint, oregano

Duration of using RA practices

Since 2022

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