Organic Farm Žnideršič: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture

Success Story

Organic Farm Žnideršič, led by Toni Žnideršič, exemplifies sustainable farming in Slovenia. Spanning 80 hectares, the farm focuses on regenerative practices for milk, meat, cereals, viticulture, and forestry.

Farm Žnideršič employs regenerative methods that limit soil interference, resulting in improved soil health over two decades. Utilizing circular harrows and a specialized loosener, the farm eschews plowing in favor of minimal cultivation. Winter crops like clover, corn, triticale, barley, and more are sown for greening and ground cover, forming a comprehensive rotation. Organic farming principles guide their fight against weeds through crop rotation, ensuring continuous vegetation cover that serves both animal feed and soil health. The farm's approach reduces costs, fosters environmental benefits, and sustains organic quality.

Toni Žnideršič's commitment to learning and innovation drives the farm's success. Challenges like mechanization gaps are met with persistence and observation. As a beacon of sustainable agriculture, Žnideršič harmonizes tradition and innovation for a promising farming future.

LABELS: Slovenia, crop-production, organic



Location of farm


Name of the farmer

Toni žnideršič

Size of farm

80 ha

Permanent staff


Main products of farm

Production of milk and meat, cereals. The farm is also
engaged in forestry and viticulture.


Farmland cultivated with RA practices

 All crops are grown using regenerative methods of agriculture

Crops produced with RA practices

All of them

Duration of using RA practices

Since 2003

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