Farm ŽIPO Lenart: Leading Regenerative Agriculture in Slovenia

Success Story

Farm ŽIPO Lenart, under CEO Miha Krajnc's leadership, is a trailblazing agricultural enterprise in Slovenia's Podravska region. Spanning 860 hectares, the farm pioneers regenerative agriculture to grow crops and support livestock. The farm primarily produces corn, wheat, barley, oilseed rape, soybeans, and occasionally other crops. About 26 hectares follow organic practices, contributing to feed for beef cattle and pigs. The farm annually breeds around 1,400 cattle and 3,500 pigs.

Beyond traditional farming, the farm engages in grain purchase, storage, drying, and agrobiomass processing. It produces animal bedding and calf feed, employing 11 permanent and 10 seasonal workers.

A standout aspect is the farm's commitment to regenerative agriculture for eight years. Beginning in 2015 with minimal tillage, the approach involves soil loosening to 20 cm depth, saving energy, time, and improving soil quality. Despite benefits like reduced labor and enhanced soil structure, challenges like weed and pest management arise. However, the farm remains dedicated, focusing on solutions and refining its regenerative practices.

Farm ŽIPO Lenart stands as a beacon of sustainable, efficient farming, embodying innovation, diversification, and a profound commitment to regenerative principles.

LABELS: Slovenia, livestock, crop-production



Location of farm


Name of the farmer

Mitja Krajnc, technical manager

Size of farm

860 ha

Permanent staff

11 permanentt staff and 10 seasonal workers 

Main products of farm

Crops: corn, wheat, barley, oilseed rape, soybeans and occasionally other crops are grown in our fields. Most of the crops are used for feeding 1400 beef cattle and 3500 pigs. Production and processing of various agrobiomass.


Farmland cultivated with RA practices


Crops produced with RA practices

All of them

Duration of using RA practices

Since 2015

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