Farm Štefan Cigüt: Driving Regenerative Agriculture in Pomurska

Success Story

Farm Štefan Cigüt, led by Štefan Cigüt Jr., shapes agricultural excellence in Slovenia's Pomurska region near Moravske Toplice. Encompassing 380 hectares, the farm excels in crop cultivation and livestock breeding.

Štefan Cigüt Jr.'s dedication to regenerative agriculture spans a decade. The farm's diverse produce includes corn, wheat, barley, sunflowers, soybeans, alfalfa, clover and grass mixtures, triticale, and pumpkins.

Regenerative principles were adopted to amplify soil fertility, bolster structure, and augment humus content. Vitality preservation and sustainable farming practices spurred this transition. Štefan's education on regenerative agriculture via the Slovenian Association for Conservation Agriculture enriched his approach.

The farm thrives with continuous plant coverage or residue, culminating in enhanced soil quality and heightened organic matter in the upper strata. Minimal soil interventions lead to reduced machinery passages and minimized compaction—a cornerstone of their success.

Štefan underscores that regenerative agriculture's impact extends throughout the agro-ecosystem. Permanent practice, implemented over years, ensures its effectiveness. The farm's satisfaction with these techniques underscores their adaptability to agricultural needs.

Farm Štefan Cigüt exemplifies the harmonious synergy of progressive practices and farming sustainability, marking a transformative journey in the Pomurska landscape.

LABELS: Slovenia, livestock, crop-production



Location of farm


Name of the farmer

Štefan Cigüt jr.

Size of farm

380 ha

Permanent staff

6 regular and 2 seasonal

Main products of farm

Crops (corn, wheat, barley, sunflowers, soybeans, alfalfa, triticale,
pumpkins) and livestock production.


Farmland cultivated with RA practices


Crops produced with RA practices

All of them

Duration of using RA practices

Since 2013

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