Success Story

The journey of Giorgos Foufas towards RA started 35 years ago when, after he graduated as an agronomist, he decided to implement ecological farming following Steiner’s standards for organic farming and the philosophical views on land cultivation by Masanobu Fukuoka: “We cultivate to heal ourselves with the food that becomes our medicine, and on the other hand we heal the earth and connect with it, thus having a two-way relationship”. Today, 26 years after starting to implement RA methods, although he recognises the obstacles related to the soil and climate conditions (climate change, urbanisation) as well as social factors, Giorgos Foufas is in constant search for sustainable solutions in alignment with the climate developmnets and believes that RA is a dynamic process where changes, small or bigger, are integrated into the development cycle.

Labels: Greece, organic, vegetables/fruits, Masanobu Fukuoka, biodynamic process



Location of farm

Greece, Region of Peloponnese, Loutraki

Name of the farmer

Giorgos Foufas

Size of farm

1 ha

Permanent staff


Main products of farm

Agricultural crops: 
Olives — olive oil , Vines- table sultanas, must, molasses, raisins, Apricots: fresh or dried, Pears: fresh or dried, Seasonal vegetables, Herbs


Farmland cultivated with RA practices

Most of the farm

Crops produced with RA practices

All crops

Duration of using RA practices

Since 1997

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Farm presentation video

(Photo material and videos from the Regenerative Farming Greece website )