Farm Debeljak: Navigating Regenerative Agriculture

Success Story

Farm Debeljak, led by Nastja Debeljak in Slovenia's Osrednjeslovenska region near Velike Lašče, encompasses 61 hectares. Nastja, an agricultural school graduate and current university student, manages breeding, milk processing, and crop production.

The farm is firmly rooted in regenerative agriculture practices, bolstering production optimization. Through minimal cultivation, three-year crop rotations, and a green floor approach, crops like wheat, barley, and alfalfa thrive.

Nastja's inspiration for embracing regenerative methods stems from elevated production costs. Gaining insights from farm visits in Slovenia and abroad and online research, she ardently pursued regenerative insights, despite lacking financial support for her efforts.

The merits of regenerative agriculture, such as humus preservation and enriched soil fertility through green flooring, resonate with Nastja. Yet, challenges surface in the form of crop-threatening wildlife. Fencing solutions emerge but entail expenses.

With satisfaction in their methods, Farm Debeljak pledges commitment to regenerative agriculture. While challenges persist due to uncontrollable factors like wildlife, the farm remains steadfast in its approach, symbolizing resilience in nurturing sustainable practices.

LABELS: Slovenia, dairy, crop-production



Location of farm


Name of the farmer

Nastja Debeljak

Size of farm

61 ha

Permanent staff


Main products of farm

The farm is engaged in breeding and processing of milk and produces crops. Grows corn, triticale, barley and alfalfa.


Farmland cultivated with RA practices

partly - fields

Crops produced with RA practices

Wheat, barley, alfalfa.

Duration of using RA practices

Since 2018

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